Flashback: Twister

«Twister,» directed by Jan De Bont, is tireless filmmaking. It lacks the wit of his «Speed,» but it sure has the energy. If the actors in this movie want to act, they have to run to catch up with the camera, which is already careening down a dirt road to watch while an oil tanker truck spins into the air, crashes and explodes. The movie is wall-to-wall with special effects, and they’re all convincing, although it’s impossible for me to explain how Bill and Jo escape serious injury while staring right up into the Suck Zone of the Finger of God.

I think the movie has to be graded on two scales. As drama, «Twister» resides in the Zone. It has no time to waste on character, situation, dialogue and nuance. The dramatic scenes are holding actions between tornadoes. As spectacle, however, «Twister» is impressive. The tornadoes are big, loud, violent and awesome, and they look great. Even «Dorothy» looks good, until you realize the entire machine, including its flashing red lights and little gizmos sticking up into the air, is essentially just a garbage can filled with plastic balls. The movie, which is classified PG-13, clarifies that rating with one of the greatest single explanations in the history of the MPAA Code and Ratings Board, and I quote: «For intense depiction of very bad weather.»

-- Fra Rogert Eberts anmeldelse av Twister.