#FemaleFilmmakerFriday: Claire Denis’ L’intrus (2004)

I 2018 ønsker vi å utvide vårt fokus på filmer av kvinnelige regissører, og inspirert av emneknaggen #FemaleFilmmakerFriday vil disse komme på fredager. Presentasjonene vil ligne Flashback-spalten slik den fremstod tidligere, men basere seg på frysbilder i stedet for videoklipp.


«Cinematographer Agnés Godard ensures that almost every image [in L’intrus] leaves a retinal imprint, even more so the less explicable ones: a heart palpitating in the snow, a sunbathing Louis spooning with his dogs, an infant in a sling beaming up at his father, rainbow streamers billowing off a newly christened ship, two men in knee-deep water hoisting a mattress ashore, a cloth-covered coffin on a forklift. In a shot that lasts nearly two minutes (and feels longer), we see the immense ocean from a bobbing ship deck.

The finale, as orgasmic as Beau Travail‘s Eurodisco exclamation, is a delirious blur of motion, Dalle and her huskies sledding into the snowy wilds. This mysterious object may be Denis’s most gorgeous film (which is saying something), but more than that, it’s a fearless filmmaker’s boldest experiment yet, a direct line from her unconscious to yours.»

Dennis Lim, The Village Voice

Filmen er tilgjengelig på DVD.