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  • 11. januar 2014

    The Sixth Sense, Part III: Motifs and a Funeral

    We conclude our in-depth analysis of M. Night Shyamalan’s masterpiece with a close look at motifs and structural aspects, concluding with a shot-by-shot commentary on the post-funeral sequence.

  • 23. oktober 2015

    The Village, part II: A tapestry of characters

    After a general evaluation of this M. Night Shyamalan tour de force, the large cast of characters and their relationships are examined, with a special emphasis on subtext and how that is expressed through mise-en-scène.

  • 30. mai 2016

    The Cinema and the Gallery – When worlds collide?

    A strange case of parallel universes explored through Declan Clarke’s Geist Trilogy from 2015. Are you ready for film at its absolute weirdest, flouting all cinematic conventions and ‘hung out’ in a gallery?

  • 2. juli 2014

    Genuinely socialist: The Midnight Sun Film Festival

    Like many of its own films, the Midnight Sun Film Festival remains true to perhaps the greatest cinematic – and human – aspiration of them all: to express an understanding of, and solidarity with, all the others washed up with us here on this strange little planet of ours.

  • 18. februar 2015

    Signs, Part II: Motifs and horror shows

    M. Night Shyamalan is particularly adept at creating a set of hidden motifs that govern the film. We look at circles, water, doors, houses, the sky and how they operate in two brilliant horror set pieces.

  • 29. juni 2011

    48 minutter med Roger Deakins – del 2

    Her i del 2 av vårt intervju med Roger Deakins fortsetter vår samtale med mesterfotografen om hans særegne uttrykk, samarbeidet med Coen-brødrene på True Grit, med mer.

  • 29. august 2009

    Kortklipt, 29/8

    Hvor i Vest-Afrika finnes de kuleste filmplakatene? Hvilket britisk filmblad er vakrest? Og hvem er Rumle Hammerich og Andrea Arnold? Svarene, og et vakkert filmklipp, finnes i denne ukas Kortklipt. [2]

  • 23. september 2015

    The Village, part I: Motifs and story arc

    Before The Visit came M. Night Shyamalan’s early masterpiece The Village. Mismarketed and misunderstood as a horror movie, it has gained a following as a mood piece of pastoral beauty, intense emotion and stylised lyricism.

  • 15. mai 2019

    Split, Part IV: Creativity in cramped quarters

    A final look at M. Night Shyamalan’s Split, this time its formal approach with a special emphasis on his inventive use of point-of-view shots, stealthy camera movements, overhead and underhead shots, and many other subtleties.

  • 5. april 2019

    Return to Oz (1985)

    This Disney film is remarkably dark and sophisticated for this company, made during a brief period of a more adult approach to their live action family films. 11-year-old Fairuza Balk is absolutely enchanting as the resourceful heroine.

  • 6. desember 2013

    Tre nyheter om Lars von Triers Nymphomaniac

    I likhet med stormen Bodil har Lars von Triers Nymphomaniac kastet en markant skygge over København de siste par dagene. I kjølevannet av det mye omtalte pressearrangementet har det dukket opp et knippe nyheter om filmen.

  • 27. desember 2013

    The Sixth Sense, Part II: Beginnings and Ends

    A visual analysis of key scenes of M. Night Shyamalan’s masterpiece and his virtuoso use of motifs, staging and interconnectedness to achieve coherence and closure.

  • 10. oktober 2013

    Konsertrapport og samtale med James Horner i Wien

    Hollywood in Vienna 2013: Montages var tilstede da James Horner holdt konsert i Wien Konserthus. Vi fikk også anledning til å slå av noen ord med den legendariske komponisten.

  • 24. juni 2009

    Vil Oscar tåle 10 nominerte?

    Dagens mest forbløffende filmnyhet må være endringen i Oscar-reglene fra Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, som i dag ble offentliggjort. [3]

  • 15. juli 2009

    Kortklipt, 15/7

    Kortklipt har hatt en ukes opphold til fordel for vår festivaldekning fra Karlovy Vary, men er denne uken tilbake i normal modus.