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  • 20. juni 2014

    Unbreakable, Part I: Characters and relationships

    Our in-depth look at M. Night Shyamalan’s early films continues with Unbreakable: perhaps the only mainstream Hollywood formalist film, a mass-market movie approached with an unrelenting European art film sensibility.

  • 11. januar 2014

    The Sixth Sense, Part III: Motifs and a Funeral

    We conclude our in-depth analysis of M. Night Shyamalan’s masterpiece with a close look at motifs and structural aspects, concluding with a shot-by-shot commentary on the post-funeral sequence.

  • 11. desember 2020

    Trent Reznor og Atticus Ross’ musikalske mot i Mank

    På papiret er Mank et et stort skritt utenfor Reznor og Ross’ industrielle skittentøyskurv, men de fremviser en imponerende kontroll over klassiske idiomer, og en lekenhet vi aldri har hørt fra dem før.

  • 23. desember 2013

    The Sixth Sense, Part I: Stature and Style

    A stunning piece of high-precision filmmaking, formally inventive, thematically intelligent, emotionally gripping, a momentous commercial success, an almost perfect film.

  • 30. august 2013

    Lady in the Water, Part I: A reappraisal

    It was one of the most hated films of the 2000s, but with the trauma now at a distance, it is time to appreciate M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water for its very real qualities.

  • 11. august 2014

    Unbreakable, Part III: Visual style

    M. Night Shyamalan’s visual style consists of a series of recurring formal devices. Watching Unbreakable feels like participating in a ritual where these devices are applied and reapplied, in new variations and combinations.

  • 7. februar 2015

    Signs, Part I: Delightful entertainment, with meaning

    M. Night Shyamalan has created a Signs fiction film about alien invasion, with powerful horror set pieces and comedic touches. An analysis of its dreamlike opening sequence peels away complex layers of motifs and echoes.

  • 19. april 2012

    A Night to Remember, og andre Titanic-filmer

    Titanic er igjen på alles lepper, og i forbindelse med 100-årsmarkeringen kikker vi på noen av de mest kjente filmatiseringene av forliset – to av dem kinoaktuelle i Norge. [1]

  • 31. oktober 2013

    James Gray, den umoderne

    Frem til The Immigrant har James Grays filmer vært satt i moderniteten, i det urbane. Menneskene har traska rundt i den siste tidas klær, bygg, asfalt, lys og rom. Likevel kan regissørens sensibilitet beskrives som distinkt umoderne.

  • 27. juni 2014

    Unbreakable, Part II: Motifs and colour

    M. Night Shyamalan’s enigmatic superhero thriller is a film where everything seems to be connected to everything else. We look at various motifs and colour codings that move in intricate and sometimes very strange patterns.

  • 28. oktober 2016

    Night Must Fall (1964)

    Den britiske thrilleren Night Must Fall (Karel Reisz, 1964) er et oppvisningsnummer på flerfoldige nivåer. [3]

  • 16. juli 2010

    Soul Kitchen – hjemmegod farse

    En sliten restaurant, en broket forsamling mennesker, mat, soulmusikk og Hamburg. Dette er oppskriften på smakfull føde i Fatih Akins nye film. [3]

  • 25. august 2017

    Split, Part II: The fine print of M. Night Shyamalan

    The apparent simplicity of Split conceals a surprising amount of ideas, refinement and subtlety. This is a moment-by-moment analysis of the brilliant abduction scene, plus a hard look at isolation, corridors, animals and flowers.

  • 27. desember 2013

    The Sixth Sense, Part II: Beginnings and Ends

    A visual analysis of key scenes of M. Night Shyamalan’s masterpiece and his virtuoso use of motifs, staging and interconnectedness to achieve coherence and closure.