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  • 16. januar 2016

    Louder Than Bombs: Joachim Trier’s play on perspective

    As so often in films, Louder Than Bombs is not a dissertation, but a meditation on its themes and motifs. Seen in isolation, words and deeds may seem unexceptional – it is as a whole that Joachim Trier film takes flight.

  • 30. august 2013

    Lady in the Water, Part I: A reappraisal

    It was one of the most hated films of the 2000s, but with the trauma now at a distance, it is time to appreciate M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water for its very real qualities.

  • 24. juni 2009

    Vil Oscar tåle 10 nominerte?

    Dagens mest forbløffende filmnyhet må være endringen i Oscar-reglene fra Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, som i dag ble offentliggjort. [3]

  • 23. september 2015

    The Village, part I: Motifs and story arc

    Before The Visit came M. Night Shyamalan’s early masterpiece The Village. Mismarketed and misunderstood as a horror movie, it has gained a following as a mood piece of pastoral beauty, intense emotion and stylised lyricism.

  • 15. september 2014

    A Modern Miracle

    Once more with feeling! Yes, it took about a century, but silent film is back. [2]

  • 2. februar 2010

    Oscar 2010: Nominasjonene er her

    Oscar-nominasjonene er offentliggjort, se den komplette oversikten her! Ikke overraskende er Avatar, Precious, Inglourious Basterds og Up in the Air godt representert. [17]

  • 4. november 2015

    The Village Part III: Love, murder and monsters

    Whispered echoes, nightmare logic, high melodrama, relentlessly ingenious staging – this visual analysis of M. Night Shyamalan’s pastoral masterpiece preserves the film’s own gestures, often rearranged in surprising combinations.

  • 22. februar 2019

    The Happening, Part I: The twisted face of mankind

    Say what you want about M. Night Shyamalan’s foray into disaster movie terrain, but its last 25 minutes are excellent, carefully walked through in this screenshot-based analysis.

  • 12. mai 2017

    After Earth, Part I: Much better than you think

    With the artistic, commercial and critical success of his two latest films, it is about time to soberly unearth the very real qualities of M. Night Shyamalan’s disproportionally maligned middle period.

  • 24. april 2012

    Steven Soderbergh i fokus på Montages

    Steven Soderbergh har både Oscar, Gullpalme og en dyp filminteresse – i vårt karrierefokus på Soderbergh ser vi nærmere på hans besynderlige, schizofrene karriere – nå også bestående av stripperfilmen Magic Mike. [1]