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  • 30. august 2013

    Lady in the Water, Part I: A reappraisal

    It was one of the most hated films of the 2000s, but with the trauma now at a distance, it is time to appreciate M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water for its very real qualities.

  • 23. september 2015

    The Village, part I: Motifs and story arc

    Before The Visit came M. Night Shyamalan’s early masterpiece The Village. Mismarketed and misunderstood as a horror movie, it has gained a following as a mood piece of pastoral beauty, intense emotion and stylised lyricism.

  • 12. mai 2017

    After Earth, Part I: Much better than you think

    With the artistic, commercial and critical success of his two latest films, it is about time to soberly unearth the very real qualities of M. Night Shyamalan’s disproportionally maligned middle period.

  • 26. februar 2015

    Signs, Part III: Dreams, demons and birds

    Signs offers rich allegorical subtexts of dreams, magic and the aliens as metaphors for the characters’ inner demons. We also chart references to The Birds, and analyse the masterful cellar sequence and the film’s ending.

  • 1. september 2017

    Split, Part III: Meeting of multiple minds

    The cat-and-mouse sessions between psychiatrist and patient form a thrilling acting laboratory, where M. Night Shyamalan’s fundamentally static set-ups are done with rigour and discreet invention. Bonus: film references.

  • 4. november 2015

    The Village Part III: Love, murder and monsters

    Whispered echoes, nightmare logic, high melodrama, relentlessly ingenious staging – this visual analysis of M. Night Shyamalan’s pastoral masterpiece preserves the film’s own gestures, often rearranged in surprising combinations.

  • 14. februar 2020

    Tunnelen (2019)

    «Når man først har gjort det vanskelig for seg selv, burde filmskaperne våge å stå mer i sin selvvalgte katastrofe.»

  • 6. desember 2017

    Juleblod (2017)

    «Vi kan karakterisere Juleblod som en hyperpostmodernistisk juleslasher (eller nisseslasher). Ideer om troverdighet er uinteressant i denne sammenheng; filmens verden er en egen sfære knyttet til fantasien og til andre filmer.» [2]

  • 18. februar 2015

    Signs, Part II: Motifs and horror shows

    M. Night Shyamalan is particularly adept at creating a set of hidden motifs that govern the film. We look at circles, water, doors, houses, the sky and how they operate in two brilliant horror set pieces.

  • 25. november 2015

    Hevn (2015)

    I amerikansk populærfilm har voldelige kvinner og rape-revenge-tematikk inntatt lerretet i perioder der kjønnsrollene har vært i endring. Kan Hevn si oss noe om forholdet mellom norske menn og kvinner anno 2015?

  • 28. juli 2017

    Barndom (2017)

    «Det er en urnorsk idyll Margreth Olin filmer i Barndom, gjennom sin nærmest magiske framstilling av naturen som bruksområde, lekerom og erkjennelsesmåte.»

  • 22. april 2019

    The Happening, Part II: Goners with the wind

    A guide to the many powerful suicide scenes, including the brilliant, icily electrifying opening where normality turns into nightmare. Plus motifs, visual ideas and references to earlier Shyamalan works.

  • 25. august 2017

    Split, Part II: The fine print of M. Night Shyamalan

    The apparent simplicity of Split conceals a surprising amount of ideas, refinement and subtlety. This is a moment-by-moment analysis of the brilliant abduction scene, plus a hard look at isolation, corridors, animals and flowers.