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  • 22. april 2019

    The Happening, Part II: Goners with the wind

    A guide to the many powerful suicide scenes, including the brilliant, icily electrifying opening where normality turns into nightmare. Plus motifs, visual ideas and references to earlier Shyamalan works.

  • 30. august 2013

    Lady in the Water, Part I: A reappraisal

    It was one of the most hated films of the 2000s, but with the trauma now at a distance, it is time to appreciate M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water for its very real qualities.

  • 15. mai 2019

    Split, Part IV: Creativity in cramped quarters

    A final look at M. Night Shyamalan’s Split, this time its formal approach with a special emphasis on his inventive use of point-of-view shots, stealthy camera movements, overhead and underhead shots, and many other subtleties.

  • 20. juni 2014

    Unbreakable, Part I: Characters and relationships

    Our in-depth look at M. Night Shyamalan’s early films continues with Unbreakable: perhaps the only mainstream Hollywood formalist film, a mass-market movie approached with an unrelenting European art film sensibility.

  • 1. september 2017

    Split, Part III: Meeting of multiple minds

    The cat-and-mouse sessions between psychiatrist and patient form a thrilling acting laboratory, where M. Night Shyamalan’s fundamentally static set-ups are done with rigour and discreet invention. Bonus: film references.

  • 12. mai 2017

    After Earth, Part I: Much better than you think

    With the artistic, commercial and critical success of his two latest films, it is about time to soberly unearth the very real qualities of M. Night Shyamalan’s disproportionally maligned middle period.

  • 23. desember 2013

    The Sixth Sense, Part I: Stature and Style

    A stunning piece of high-precision filmmaking, formally inventive, thematically intelligent, emotionally gripping, a momentous commercial success, an almost perfect film.

  • 16. april 2019

    Pennies from Heaven (1981)

    The hero of this brilliant, darkly poetic musical is fantastically arrogant, loutish, self-centred, self-pitying and pathetic, played by Steve Martin as totally captive of his dreams and desires.

  • 31. mars 2019

    Agnès Varda in a box: Inhabiting TOUT(e) VARDA

    «Her life as a mother dictated what spaces she would film in. Her feminist I takes place in the film, in the frame, behind and within the camera. Her installations are inhabitable, a shed of cinema to walk through and be within.»

  • 19. juli 2019

    Polaroid (2017)

    Lars Klevberg’s debut feature does not succeed fully as a horror film, but is highly impressive in its mise-en-scène and sophisticated, subdued and moody aesthetics.

  • 11. april 2011

    Rapport fra New Directors/New Films 2011

    Montages har besøkt den 40. utgaven av New Directors/New Films, som viser det beste av ny internasjonal film fra første- og andregangsregissører. I år inkluderte det bl.a. Sykt lykkelig og regissør Anne Sewitsky.

  • 11. mai 2019

    Ung flukt: En introduksjon og en avskjed

    Edith Carlmars Ung flukt er et sommereventyr som viser at man ikke kan unnslippe samfunnets normer. En introduksjon til en filmkunstner og en avskjed med en annen.

  • 9. mai 2019

    Kortfilmfestivalen introduserer tre nye priser

    Kortfilmfestivalen i Grimstad utvider i år med tre nye utmerkelser, inkludert en publikumspris. De to andre nyopprettede prisene har til hensikt å løfte frem lovende …