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Cat People

Av Lars Ole Kristiansen , 13. september 2013 i Artikler

This is the stuff of audacious myth, combining the perverse, the glorious, and the ridiculous. The movies were invented to tell such stories. Paul Schrader’s «Cat People» moves boldly between a slice-of-life in present-day New Orleans and the windswept deserts where the Cat People were engendered, and his movie creates a mood of doom, predestination, forbidden passion, and, to be sure, a certain silliness. It’s fun in the way horror movies should be fun; it’s totally unbelievable in between the times it’s scaring the popcorn out of you.

Roger Ebert [1]


Cat People [2]

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[1] Roger Ebert: http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/cat-people-1982

[2] Image: http://montages.no/2013/09/cat-people/cat_people_1982_poster_07/

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