Flashback: Skrik 4

It’s been fifteen years since Scream began with a phone call that changed the slasher genre forever, but it’s a new decade and things have changed. Scream 4 boasts a witty script, one that kills off the genre’s clichés with panache and while it displays some of the same attributes present in its predecessors, the film’s references to social networking sites, it’s use of mobile phones, portable digital cameras, live internet feeds not only help in making it more current, but for once these tools are used in intelligent and constructive ways to actually help move the story along. After all, the best horror films have always reflected the times in which they were made.

Scream 4 isn’t just a horror movie about horror movies, but a commentary on how they’ve changed. As the tagline reads, “New Decade, New Rules.” Sex doesn’t necessarily equal death, ‘I’ll be right back” can mean you most likely will return, the unexpected is the new cliché, everyone is expendable – including victim royalty – and running up the stairs might be your best option this time around.

Ricky D, Sound on Sight

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