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A Girl, She Is 100%

Av Lars Ole Kristiansen , 25. februar 2011 i Artikler


Yamakawa’s second adaptation of a Haruki Murakami story (following Attack on a Bakery) is another brilliant rethink of Murakami’s existential ambivalence in film terms, using stills, pixillation, minimal animation and voice-over to deconstruct a ‘sentimental city romance’. A young man passes a young woman in a Harajuku backstreet; it occurs to him only later that she was the ideal woman he had always looked for and so he imagines a scenario in which they meet, agree that they’re all too perfectly matched and part, waiting to see if ‘fate’ will bring them back together. Sharp, witty and beyond fashion, this is a small, many-faceted gem.

-- Timeout.com

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