Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Sometimes grace and hope come in surprising packages. The title character of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a would-be glam-rock star from East Germany, undergoes a botched gender-change operation in order to escape from the Soviet bloc, only to watch the Berlin Wall come down on TV after being abandoned in a trailer park in middle America. Hedwig gets involved with Tommy, an adolescent boy who steals her songs and becomes a stadium-filling musical act. Suffering from a broken heart and a lust for revenge, Hedwig follows Tommy’s tour, playing with her band (the Angry Inch) at tacky theme restaurants.

Amazon forsøker å oppsummere et av de mer originale plot i musikalens historie.

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  1. Ole sier:

    Flott film! Lenge siden jeg har sett. Rocky Horror Picture Show for det tyvende århundre.

  2. tanketom sier:

    Likar betre Rocky Horror Picture Show — heilt ærleg. Sjølv om denne er artig, har den ikkje teke meg heilt, sjølv om eg vel har sett den eit par gongar.

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