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Dancer in the Dark

Av Lars Ole Kristiansen , 22. mai 2009 i Artikler

Björk i Dancer in the Dark

Dancer in the Dark» is not like any other movie at the multiplex this week, or this year. It is not a «well made film,» is not in «good taste,» is not «plausible» or, for many people, «entertaining.» But it smashes down the walls of habit that surround so many movies. It returns to the wellsprings. It is a bold, reckless gesture. And since Björk has announced that she will never make another movie, it is a good thing she sings.

Slik sa Roger Ebert det [1] i sin anmeldelse av Lars von Triers Gullpalme-vinner Dancer in the Dark [2]. Vi markerer von Triers pågående Cannes-deltagelse med følgende klipp fra Björk [3]s første og siste film. (Spoiler alert!)

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